22 Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious

You may be dating casually, but you’ve noticed the relationship is getting serious. It can be challenging to learn that your date is more interested in a committed relationship than a casual hookup, especially if you don’t share values.

Relaxation, lighter enjoyment, and getting to know someone without the pressures of a committed relationship are all facilitated by casual partnerships. What if your casual companion begins to feel the same way about you? What if they do? There are some obvious signs a casual relationship is getting serious, even though the situation can be tricky.

A future with their dates or the desire to establish a family may differ from what all individuals are interested in; others may want to keep things casual. So expect your date to avoid seeking a more committed relationship immediately.

Fortunately, there are a few signs you may look out for to gauge where your partner’s thoughts are. Here are 22 signs a casual relationship is getting serious.

Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious

Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious
Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious

Nowadays, casual partnerships are popular among people. Casual dating frequently sounds like a win-win situation, whether a friends-with-benefits affair or a love relationship without committing to each other. As a result, you enjoy all the advantages of a genuine connection without the stress and conflict that typically accompany it.

Casual, however, is complex. Sometimes, a relationship will grow organically over time and become more severe than it originally began. Therefore, the other partner must recognize the warning flags early on to decide how to proceed if one person falls head over heels for their fling.

Due to the difficulty of this situation, we have chosen to produce the definitive guide on the telltale signs that your casual relationship is developing into something more serious.

1- You Regularly Communicate

It often feels like you are acting a part when you start dating someone. Your first few discussions can be an interview process, regardless of whether you met at a club or had casual encounters through an online dating service.

But as time passes and you get to know each other more, you realize that talking to your fling is something you genuinely love doing. Suppose discussions move below the surface to cover childhood trauma and dreams. If so, you might be entering a dangerous area. Usually, they will be friends if someone doesn’t want a serious relationship with you.

They’ll approach you at a party, compliment how much fun you have there, and then hook up or make an attempt to hook up. They won’t have trouble talking to you deeply if things are serious, even without making love or attempting to hook up.

2- Every Day, The Text You

Suppose they text you every day without missing a beat. It may be better if it’s only to chat or say hello. For example, my boyfriend texted me every day when we started dating. He continues to text every day. When someone is sincere with you, they won’t put you on hold for several days or weeks.

Even if you’re not hanging out, they are eager to talk since they appreciate hearing what you say. They will earn brownie points if they can recall specifics from your life or ask follow-up questions. It implies that they are interested in what is happening in your world.

Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious
Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious

3- Both of You are Looking for a Better Understanding

In a casual relationship, it’s simple to become preoccupied with the physical side of the connection.

However, suppose you’ve observed that your spouse is exploring the relationship more deeply than usual and showing an interest in learning more about you. In that case, this suggests that they desire something deeper.

It may be a sign that you care deeply about someone if you start to wonder about them.

However, if you realize that your partner is starting to show an interest in learning more about you and their feelings are reciprocated, it’s time to start considering possibilities. Of course, other signals exist, such as talking about your feelings or striking up talks.

Consider this: if your relationship is casual, your partner has no reason to learn much about you and your life, correct? However, when you start to appreciate someone, you’ll want to learn more about them, encouraging you to feel more attached.

If your partner is considering a relationship with you, they will start hunting for details to help them learn more about you. They might inquire about your origins, hobbies, and preferred weekend activity.

It is a sign that they’re curious to learn more about you and what makes you tick, even if they don’t reveal all these things to you immediately.

If they want to ensure that there is something there for them, they can also take the time to learn about your interests and activities.

4- You’re Joining Your Friends and Introducing Each Other

It’s been a few months since you started dating, and everything is going well. Both of you are having a good time and are at ease with one another. But eventually, you tell your pals about your lover. It is a crucial turning point in a relationship since it shows you are becoming more committed to one another.

Because if you didn’t see a future with someone, why would you present them to your friends? You communicate your trust and the possibility of a long-term relationship with your partner by introducing them to your friends. It is a significant development in any relationship and typically indicates that things are taking a severe turn.

Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious
Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious

5- Meeting Each Other’s Family

Summer is rapidly approaching, and school will soon be over. It indicates that the wedding season has begun. Numerous couples are married each year following a brief courtship. You might wonder if meeting each other’s families is OK if you’re in a new relationship. While there is no foolproof way to determine whether your relationship is ready for this stage, it is frequently a sign that things are serious when you meet each other’s families.

It is so that it is clear that both parties are dedicated to the relationship and have a shared future. Meeting each other’s family can also strengthen the relationship between the two. For example, meeting each other’s family might be the following step.

6- More Frequently Than Once a Week, You’re Hanging Out

It’s not a strict rule, but if you see each other once a week or more, there’s a reasonable probability you like each other and want to keep the relationship going. Consistent dates are a sign that you can start a conversation, even if it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that things will become official.

7- They Discuss Plans

When you hear they use the pronoun “we,” you should start preparations to arrive soon. It means just that. They can be implying that they want to escalate the matter and are getting a sense of how you feel about it. Depending on how you think, now is an excellent opportunity to support them or pump the breaks. Being the first to pose an exclusive query is challenging.

They want you to be their date for their upcoming wedding as an indication of plans. That is significant.

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Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious
Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious

8- When You’re Together, You’re Vulnerable

Being vulnerable with someone gives them a genuine peek into who you are by allowing them to see your flaws and anxieties.

It represents trust and a readiness to lower your guard and open up to another person.

You can put yourself in a vulnerable position if you divulge intimate facts about your history, discuss your current issues, or tell your spouse about your aspirations for the future.

Suppose your casual partner shares private information with you and opens up about their personal life. In that case, this can indicate that they are emotionally invested and prepared to advance the relationship.

You see, we usually aren’t highly exposed to people we don’t like or trust.

On the other hand, if we fall in love with someone, being in their company may make us feel safe and encourage us to be more vulnerable.

Generally speaking, spending much time with someone and being transparent about yourself can indicate that you two are getting closer.

It can feel like we can’t disclose our darkest worries or deepest secrets with our casual companions because we’re afraid they’ll judge us or think we’re crazy.

But when you’re dating someone, and they’re open to hearing about your issues, it shows they’re interested in you and want to support you.

On the other hand, it might indicate that your casual partner doesn’t care about you if they cannot listen to your concerns or try to assist you in solving them.

Recognizing if the feelings you experience are genuine or the result of hallucination is critical.

You don’t want to be vulnerable and then suffer harm.

9- You Want to Say “I love you” to Your Partner

It’s common to experience a strong bond with your mate and to want to tell them, “I love you.”

It isn’t prevalent in casual relationships, so having the impulse to tell your partner how you feel about them says a lot.

However, if your casual partner doesn’t respond when you want to say “I love you,” it may be a sign that they don’t share your sentiments and aren’t eager to continue the connection.

I would take a step back and end the connection in this situation.

You are searching for two different things, and this can only cause you grief in the future.

Having said that, if your partner doesn’t respond but still wants to be with you and be in a committed relationship, they might not be ready to say “I love you,” but they do like you and are prepared for that.

Some people need help to utter these specific phrases, which could take time.

Saying “I like you” or “I care about you” could be an excellent place to start.

If they still need to be ready to say those words, it’s OK because it simply indicates that your relationship is still in its infancy and that you can do plenty of things without declaring your love for one another.

If they are ready, they will feel free of pressure.

10- Jealousy Begins to Set in for Both of You

When you and your partner start to feel threatened by other people who are interested in you, it may be a sign that you are taking your relationship more seriously and want to defend it.

If your casual partner seems envious when someone else expresses interest in you, it may be a sign that they want to safeguard their relationship with you and are prepared to further it.

You see, jealousy is unnecessary in a casual relationship.

You enjoy the benefits of friendship; your personal life is your business.

However, you can usually tell something is wrong when you feel envious.

When you feel jealous, you have developed feelings for someone because jealousy is a way for humans to “defend their territory.”

11- You Get into Minor Fights

It’s common for couples to argue occasionally, but if you and your casual partner frequently quarrel, it may be a sign that you’re both taking things more seriously and want to ensure you’re on the same page.

If you and your partner frequently fight in a casual relationship, it may signify that you are ready to commit to a long-term partnership.

I’ll explain:

Everything in a casual relationship is, well, simple.

Fighting indicates that there are heightened emotions present, which negates the need for any argument.

If you and your partner start arguing more, you are emotionally invested and prepared for a more committed relationship.

12- Missing someone when You Can’t See Them

Because you don’t have to spend every minute with your spouse in a casual relationship, you occasionally spend time alone.

However, if you frequently miss your partner when you are apart, it can indicate that you want to spend more time together.

If you and your partner have been dating for some time and frequently miss one another when you are apart, it may be a sign that you are ready to advance your relationship.

Unless you have a relationship with someone, you usually don’t miss them!

13- An Emotional Response to Close Physical Contact

It indicates that you are secretly dating if physical contact makes you both uncomfortable. Know that the “casual” ship has sailed if there is a lot of eye contact during your physical contact or if you give each other lengthy hugs and unending cuddles. Consider their behavior after sex if you want to know if the person you’re hooking up with likes you. Is a lot of cuddling going on? Or a lot of chit-chat?

He desires a meaningful relationship with you if he frequently holds your hand, kisses your forehead, and wants to hang out with you even when there is no sex present. It’s also a hint that they want to snuggle after having sex.

Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious
Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious

14- Exchanging Presents With One Another

You are informally dating if you remember the little details about one other and then make complimentary gestures. For example, it is a sign that you are in a relationship if you are out shopping and thinks about how great a particular dress may look on them.

So, if you need clarification on whether he wants to be more than casual with you, keep track of any gifts he gives you. These presents also can be simple. It might be anything, like getting that smoothie or purchasing that purse you had your eye on.

Additionally, suppose you have planned everything you will do for their birthday and are genuinely excited about it. In that case, it indicates that you are developing affection for someone you are only casually seeing.

15- Talk for Hours at Night

Undoubtedly a lot more! Really shouldn’t pick up the phone since, as the song, All Night Long by JST FRNDS sings, “texting leads to talking and talking leads to loving.” It may be time to stop being “cool and casual” and acknowledge that these indicators indicate that a casual relationship is developing more severely if they can converse for hours with you about practically everything under the sun.

In the same way, if they text you frequently about their day-to-day activities, it suggests that they want a relationship but is afraid of losing you. One of the main things keeping them back is their fear of rejection and the potential that they don’t feel the same way.

But, on the other hand, they desire a committed relationship with you if they are genuinely interested in your life. Also, things may get serious if they show concern when you discuss your problems with them.

16- Share Details of Previous Relationships

The adage “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” broadly applies to relationships. Personal details about previous relationships should be kept private most of the time. Additionally, only some enjoy discussing their past.

When a guy begins routinely discussing his previous relationships, he may try to win your trust. So even though he might withhold specific information, you should take it as a sign that things have become more serious.

17- Your Partner Makes Your Relationship Public on Social Media

The internet offers a fantastic opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care. For example, let’s say the person you’re casually dating tries to promote your relationship on social networking sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. In that instance, it’s a sign that things are developing into something more serious.

Observe how your significant other uses social media to promote the beautiful things you two get up. For example, observe how he adds a lot of photos and videos to social media and how he adds romantic captions. A guy is glad to be associated with you and wants people to know who you are by displaying images of you and him on his social media profiles.

18- Imaging a Future Together

One indication that he desires a committed relationship with you is if he refers to the future as “us” when discussing it. Another sign that a casual relationship is developing into something more serious is if they frequently discuss future intentions with you. 

You need to let your partner know that you’re not ready for commitment if they’re the only one who wants something serious. You should share your thoughts if there is a future between the two of you so that you can give it a serious go.

However, leaving them hanging for too long is the worst thing you can do. It will harm you as well since one-sided love, or even halfhearted relationships may be pretty confusing (the body wants one thing, and the heart wants another), which leads to intimacy problems in the long term. They will hurt them because they will have to wait for you to change forever.

19- Praising their Quirks

Are you in a casual relationship yet yearning for more? Well, if you start gushing about how great they are all the time, they will see straight through it. Likewise, you may be in an unofficial relationship if you compliment each other more than just your physical looks and express genuine appreciation for their personality.

One of the apparent signals your casual hookup likes you is if you can tell they genuinely mean it when they say they enjoy the sound of your laughter. Or they are falling for you if they have come to appreciate your generosity or depth.

20- shares openly with you

Guys unsure of their partners’ attitudes toward being romantically involved take the initiative to bring up the subject themselves. Of course, some guys need more confidence to express their thoughts to you.

Generally speaking, the talk may get complicated, mainly if he is unsure whether you would be interested in beginning a new relationship. On the other hand, if he’s sincere, he could want to discuss the relationship’s direction.

Try to hear and listen to him; this will give you a better sense of what he needs from you. It’s okay if he wants to keep it exclusive if, for example, you consent to an open relationship when you first met.

Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious
Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious

21- You’ve Talked about How you feel about Getting Married and having Kids

Being in a casual relationship makes keeping quiet about specific topics simple. Many subjects can be challenging to discuss in a casual relationship, whether keeping your thoughts to yourself or steering clear of sensitive issues like marriage and children. However, discovering that you and your spouse have begun talking about these matters can indicate that things are developing into something more serious.

If your partner brings up the subject of marriage or having kids, they may be considering a long-term relationship with you. There’s no need to jump into anything because every relationship is unique. However, it will be easier if you and your partner agree to advance things.

22- Without them, You can’t Imagine your Life

A small amount of this is definitely how casual dating becomes serious. One of the most apparent indications that you two are secretly dating is if you both find it impossible to envisage your lives without the other. In addition, you have likely formed a close and intimate relationship with them if you have discussed private details about your interests, family, friends, or childhood.

You may be in a relationship without realizing it if you frequently mentally repeat your interactions with them. In the book Downward Dog, Edward Vilga counsels us to “never invest so much in anybody romantically that you lose your brain. The Buddha of impromptu sex.


Casual relationships can be a healthy transition between being single and being engaged. It can be a terrific opportunity to get a feel for things, meet new people, and determine your needs. But periodically consider the reasons behind your casual relationship. Were you too hurt to be able to make a new commitment? 

Are you attempting to exact revenge on your ex? Do you find physical closeness is a method to connect with someone emotionally because emotional intimacy terrifies you? Do you fear that his intentions go beyond the casual?

There is nothing wrong with casual dating if you maintain efficient communication and avoid hurting yourself or your partner. However, counselors on Bonobology’s panel can assist you in navigating these emotions with more clarity if you’re uncertain about your evolving feelings in a casual relationship or your partner’s.

How can you know when a casual relationship is getting serious? Usually, there are a few rather apparent signs. First, it’s time to consider moving things forward if you’ve seen each other for a while and things are going well. Then, you can spend more time together or smuggle in little text exchanges throughout the day. Whatever it may be, you can tell when a casual relationship begins to take a severe turn.


What does casual dating mean to a guy?

In general, casual dating refers to something more formalized than hookups or “friends with benefits.” relationships where there is some level of emotional attachment. Instances where there are no defined relationships. Attachments you pursue for fun rather than because of loyalty.

How do you know if he wants more than casual?

He desires a meaningful relationship with you if he frequently holds your hand, kisses your forehead, and wants to hang out with you even when there is no sex present. Or if he requests a cuddle after sex, things have moved beyond the casual stage.

How do you set boundaries in a casual relationship?

The place you meet, for instance, where you go (for a walk in the park or drinks at a bar), and how long you stay out are examples of boundaries with a date. For instance, you might establish time limits before the date by announcing that you must depart in an hour or two.

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