19 Tips What to Do on a First Date with a Guy

What to do on a first date with a guy will be the topic of this post. There are many experiences and surprises in life. There are numerous activities we can engage in to enhance our happiness. Elders always advise us to follow our passions as long as they don’t negatively impact others. We all pursue our passions and always work at what we enjoy as a profession.

It is primarily utilized for the work that we like to do. But completing these tasks requires a great deal of bravery and mental toughness. Additionally, even though we finish the job we enjoy the most, we grow weary. Therefore, instead of a career that causes stress and high blood pressure, we must always choose one that brings us serenity and contentment. That’s a specific aspect of human psychology.

 As a result, we need to unwind in some way. Finding someone at ease with our character and going through the same thing allows us to relax. When we come across someone like them, we naturally become friends. We spend most of our time with them, share our possessions, and feel content when they are around. It is nothing more than what we nowadays refer to as love.

Your life will alter once you fall in love and discover that the other feels the same way about you. With that person, you will have more dates, and your mind will be more at ease. But there are several considerations that we should make when we are going to go on a date. Here, we’ll go through the critical reviews a female should consider before going on her boyfriend’s first date.

What to do on a First Date with a Guy
What to do on a First Date with a Guy

On the first date with a guy, being overly tense can go wrong in several ways. First, not all guys appreciate it when women talk too much when anxious. There is no fault there; it may be irritating. However, some people find it impossible to speak when they are eager. No gentleman will go on another date with a lady who is silent because he assumes she didn’t enjoy herself. Talking is essential on a date, nervous or not.

That’s all we do on a date, after all. I advise you what to do on a first date with a guy so you can unwind and enjoy yourself. Want my recommendation? After all, it only happens once! Perhaps you will only run across the man again. Keep your thoughts in check so you don’t worsen the situation. Before you leave, repeat the mantra “Relax, Talk, Have Fun” three times.


1- Select a Talkable Dating Location

What purpose does going on a date serve? It is used to converse and get to know one another. What would happen if you went somewhere noisy where you couldn’t hear what the other person was saying? Or worse, will you have to yell at one another to communicate? No sense. It has no purpose at all.

A first date should always take place in a peaceful setting. Where you can converse and hear each other out. It must be brief and to the point. Imagine spending an hour with a guy with whom you have no genuine interest. Don’t commit suicide. Get a coffee since it is always a disguised savior. Suggest a location where you can unwind and alleviate stress, such as a zoo, an art gallery, or a bowling alley. You can go to supper later if you want to extend the date.

Keep the movie tickets for a later date. You are unable to communicate with them. The goal of the first date should be to get to know each other. The worst decision to make is to go to a crowded place where it is loud and obnoxious. Just picture how humiliating it would be if you yelled at about your week. In addition, you would like a sober companion on your first date. You don’t want to spill anything unintentionally that you would later regret.

What to do on a First Date with a Guy
What to do on a First Date with a Guy

2- Style of Dress

The female should always ensure she is dressed in a way that appeals to the boy’s eyes when going on a date. He will have a favorable impression of you when he sees you dressed appropriately and attractively. Avoid dressing in a way that makes you look dirty; instead, wear decent clothing. When the boy first sees you dressed appropriately, he will undoubtedly enjoy it and have a positive first impression of you. Your dating life will thus get off to a good start, and the outcome will be pleasant.

What to do on a First Date with a Guy
What to do on a First Date with a Guy

3- Being You and Confident

Being you and confident is yet another vital thing to keep in mind. Remember that you always act in the same way. Never work in a way where you try to fool your lover into thinking you’re performing a certain way.

Guys adore strong women. A sexy lady exudes confidence. Someone who can outsmart him and speak up. Someone self-assured. Never try to act differently from who you are, just like that. Be who you are, in other words.

On the first date itself, let him in on who you are. You don’t want him to see a different side of you on your next date. Be as sincere as you can. It can be challenging to open up and feel at ease on a first date, but being authentic is always preferable. He is not worth anything if he cannot manage your sass. In any case, he won’t last long.

4- Feel Free To Discuss

Never be afraid to speak to your boyfriend. You may experience awkwardness on your first date. But it would be better if you never behaved in such a manner. Be bold and talk to your guy. Tell him what you enjoy and don’t like.

Remember to take into account his feelings as well. When you do so, there is a reasonable probability that the boy’s regard for you will grow, and he will undoubtedly be impressed by you. Therefore, on your first date, keep your mind open.

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What to do on a First Date with a Guy
What to do on a First Date with a Guy

5- Dates are not Job Interviews

Like when you go to an interview, the intense pressure of dates puts you on edge. There is a strong desire to excel; you must present yourself best, wear your most fabulous outfit, and try to say the wisest things. It is the “proper” thing to do, if not the best.

Adapt yourself to the individual seated across from you. Similar to an interview. When they ask you a question, you must pause briefly and consider, “What should I respond to make them like me?” However, it is different from how things should be. It ought to come naturally, not under pressure.

Authenticity is vital, but do just what is necessary.

6- The Ability to Listen

Another important consideration for what to do on a first date with a guy is this. On a date, a woman is rumored to talk more than a man. Is it correct? Give the man a chance to speak by proving them wrong. Try to utilize it sparingly on your first date, as it could anger the guy. Study him and pay attention to him. Pay attention. Keep him on when he’s speaking. That is simply disrespectful.

As is common knowledge, first dates frequently feature a lot of conversation between the male and the girl. Therefore, the girl must always ensure that she gives the boy an equal opportunity to speak after she is finished talking. Additionally, you need to pay attention to the individual, as he says. If you do this, the boy will feel you value his words equally, just like he did for you.
It will significantly strengthen your bond. If you sense that he is reluctant to share, pose inquiries that will allow you to learn more about him personally. “What are your interests?” and “What do you find most compelling?” Or more lighthearted inquiries such as, “How was your week?”
You can find out what he did and how he views life’s daily routine. Show him that you are curious about learning more about him. He’ll be more forthcoming. But don’t ask him too many pointless questions. Please don’t make him feel so uninterested that he won’t bother to socialize.

What to do on a First Date with a Guy
What to do on a First Date with a Guy

7- As You Speak with him, Put your Phone Away

Maintaining eye contact with everyone you speak to is crucial if you don’t know it. Now that you realize how disrespectful and unpleasant it is to ignore the uncomfortable seating next to you and fixate on your phone,
On the first date with a guy, resisting the impulse to check your phone every five minutes is usually preferable. That will undoubtedly give him the wrong impression. However, avoid using your phone during a chat. If you need to use your phone in an emergency, excuse yourself. It’s only half or hour, after all.
Unless he makes you the creeps, try not to avoid making eye contact with him. But, on the other hand, try to keep your eyes on him without looking away too much.

8- Assure his Happiness

Girls love to be in a joyful environment. To avoid this, they must ensure the boy is not bored by their conversations on their first date. Try having a humorous exchange with the boy or engaging in fun activities that entertain you both. The boy should want to stay with you longer rather than go home. Your relationship will undoubtedly benefit you since it will increase your mutual understanding.

9- Talk about Positive Things

What to do on a First Date with a Guy
What to do on a First Date with a Guy

You may grumble about many things, like the meal, the service, or an ex-boyfriend. He has a wrong impression of you due to all of these. Be calm and keep the atmosphere light to help him remember why he committed to this date. The more you demonstrate that you are entertaining, easygoing, and enjoyable to chat with, the better.

Don’t state, for instance, “That individual gave me a foul look, and this food is horrible.” Instead, you can ask him to sample the cuisine and ignore the other person as he expresses his opinion.
You may bring up sensitive subjects like politics or religion, but keep the tone cordial. For example, instead of attempting to influence, you may say, “That’s intriguing; I’m not familiar with that position.”
What to do on a First Date with a Guy
What to do on a First Date with a Guy

10- Don’t Be Too Needy

Men enjoy feeling needed in relationships but don’t want their partners’ partners to be excessively needy. It doesn’t appeal to anyone at all. He thinks you’re nuts because you come off as absurd, acting like you can’t have an everyday life without the person, which, surprise, you definitely can. 

It’s great just to be yourself and unwind on a first date. But don’t look at him with those adoring eyes as though you’re already in love. Even now, you don’t even know him. He doesn’t want people to believe you instantly fall in love with every man you meet. So, instead, discuss your favorite solo activities.

What activities do you enjoy for fun, and what volunteer work is most important to you? Show him that you are living a fulfilling life without him and that having him in it would only be a bonus—just a bonus, albeit a nice one.

11- Give Specifics about Your Life

Give him access to your world because he wants to know you. Talk about your goals and aspirations. Include a few humorous tales based on previous situations you’ve had. Sharing these sparks dialogue, which facilitates relaxation and connection between you. 

Your life experiences help him get a sense of who you are. They also demonstrate that you have a life other than romantic relationships.

For instance, mention how much you want to travel the world and become a veterinarian.

What to do on a First Date with a Guy
What to do on a First Date with a Guy

12- Gently Touch him to Show Interest

He’ll likely feel uneasy entering your personal space. With a few simple gestures, you can overcome the touch barrier. While chatting, small touches to the elbow, back, or arm are extremely telling indicators of interest. Try brushing your hand or leg against his while reaching for something or skimming his leg. It is a natural component of the date because of physical activity like roller skating.

Getting along with one another usually makes the rest of the date less uncomfortable.

Leaning forward, blinking gently, or fidgeting with your hair are all subtle ways to flirt, but guys frequently overlook them.

13- After your First Date’s Primary Attraction, Try Walking

Get moving if you were seated during the date. Walking in public is a terrific way to prolong the date and is an excellent alternative to sitting motionless in a theatre. Take a stroll through the park or on the beach. Let’s go outside and take in the scenery.

What to do on a First Date with a Guy
What to do on a First Date with a Guy

14- Giving Him The Feel He’s Not The Only Guy You Could Be Out With

Yes, you are enjoying yourself immensely, and you do like this guy. But keep it a secret that he’s the only one you want to hang out with. Of course, you are not required to discuss your busy social schedule packed with Tinder dates. Still, you want to project an air of confidence and activity.

Although you want him to believe that any other person might be sitting in this location right now, the fact is that he is only enhancing the situation. You want him to understand how fortunate he is to be with you on this date since you are so great. Aside from that, he doesn’t want him to think you are overly dependent on him and need to be with him because you are alone without him. Yuck.

He’ll be thinking about you after the first date, likely seizing the opportunity to book another date as soon as possible. That is not appealing. So, trick them into thinking you are Miss Popular, which, of course, you are.

15- Avoid Making Out With Him

Only sleep with him if you want him to remember you after your first date. Please don’t ask to tour his home or extend an invitation. There won’t be any dating here. You should avoid going near his residence if you want to see him again and potentially develop a romantic relationship.

Before making physical contact, learn to know each other emotionally first. You want to believe that getting to know you take time, especially in a relationship, and that you don’t do it with just anyone.

Despite what others may claim, a guy who wants you as his girlfriend doesn’t want you to be interested in hooking up during the first date. He hopes you to be the girl he can take home to Mum. Not simply the female he can take home to his bed.

16- Be absurd

Go all out and be your wacky self if you’re having a great time with this new guy, and he seems to be feeling you. Please don’t be so anxious that you can’t enjoy yourself without worrying about what he’ll think of you. He isn’t. He’ll appreciate how friendly and entertaining you are. He might be considering that long after the date is ended.

Planning for the following day is more straightforward because you’re cool and entertaining. You’re a girl who is up for everything and wants to live life to the fullest – while grinning. Great. That is a fantastic quality.

So on this occasion, go with it. Enjoy yourself and be silly for a short while. It will assist in easing any remaining stress and make your husband love spending time with you even more.

What to do on a First Date with a Guy
What to do on a First Date with a Guy

17- Observe his Body Language

How well the date went may be seen by how he conducts himself. Check to see whether he spreads his legs when seated. Watch for him to make broad hand movements and raise his eyebrows as he speaks. He might straighten his hair, brush yours away from your face, or reach out and touch you. All of these are indications that the guy likes you.

He won’t immediately try to leave you after the date is over. Instead, he will lean in your direction rather than covering his hands or crossing his arms.

18- Let him know you had Fun

Tell your date how much fun you had after the evening. Be honest in what you say and convey your passion uniquely. Tell him you wish you could do it again or that it didn’t have to end as you linger outside your car. After the evening, give him one last confidence boost to let him know you truly enjoyed yourself, and I hope he calls you again.

He’ll get the photo if you touch his arm quickly. He will be thinking of you the entire time he drives back to his apartment and for some time after. You will likely receive a text from him that evening and a follow-up the next day. And you two will be arranging your second date quite soon. Score.

19- Don’t be Desperate; keep Busy

Wait a day before getting in touch with a guy after a successful first date. Who doesn’t enjoy a good chase? Give him something to consider after the date and prolong the hunt. Maintain a busy schedule to divert your attention. 

Don’t be so eager to see him for another day that you come across as desperate. It’s somewhat embarrassing. Tell him you’re interested in going on the following date after giving them time to contact you.


I’m not promising that everyone’s first dates will be fantastic, but if you use these suggestions, your dates will be right. Of course, being the down-to-earth woman you are, you must see who wants to go on another date. Take your thoughts off the “what ifs”; they won’t assist you and will only make you more anxious than you already are.

Remember, “Relax, speak, and have fun”? Have a wonderful time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do guys worry about on a first date?

He might be thinking of various wooing and romantic gimmicks to seduce you on the first date. For example, although many guys prefer flowers, they might feel it’s excessive or cliche. He wants to make you feel loved and unique but doesn’t want to go overboard and turn you off.

What are the rules after a first date?

Respect one another’s space while refusing to withdraw merely because the other person does. Sending a casual, no-pressure message to the other person after the first date is acceptable if you’re still interested in seeing them. It opens the door to getting a second date.

What usually happens on a first date?

First dates are all about the conversation. After all, you’re just beginning to know one other, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared with a few inquiries to keep things moving. In addition, identifying a few topics you can discuss quickly and genuinely delightfully is critical to connecting with someone.

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