What Happens When You Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship

Going on dates with good guys is excellent. However, dating a good guy after a toxic relationship is different. Toxic relationships are highly detrimental to anyone’s soul. All this drama, yelling, sarcasm, and conflict have an impact. At the same time, a solid relationship, or a loving mate, solves all problems. It is true that dating a good guy after a toxic relationship improves life.

What Happens When You Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship

Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship
Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship

When you are in an unhappy relationship, you are unaware of how emotionally abusive it is. At least not while you’re in it. Everything about being in a toxic relationship is somewhat addictive. It is both knowing and not knowing what will occur. There is hope that it will change and comfort in remaining the same. There is comfort in having someone who knows you so well.

Moving away from a toxic relationship and dating a good guy after a toxic relationship takes courage. You might think it should feel a certain way, but it doesn’t. The sky doesn’t clear up by magic, and the silence in your worn-out heart doesn’t get filled with violins. After a toxic relationship, dating a good guy is like learning to walk again. No one tells you this, my dear. Because you once did, you might feel you must always tread carefully.

At times, a toxic relationship can even feel like a drug. Sometimes, all the bad stuff makes things more interesting. You know it’s not good for you, but if you’re becoming addicted to the relationship, be kind to yourself. When someone is in a toxic relationship, the good times can be just as good as the bad times.

Suppose you’ve been in a toxic relationship. In that case, it will affect your future relationships. Still, you can heal and have a great relationship with a new person.

Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship
Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship
Here are 15 things that happen when you date a good guy after a toxic relationship

1- You will take things too seriously

You will overthink everything because it all seems new to you. He treats you much better than your ex, making you very confused. It would help if you got as far away as possible to see things from a different point of view.

2- You doubt its Veracity because it’s too Fantastic to be True

After leaving an abusive relationship, trusting someone new might be challenging. Sometimes, the other shoe finally drops when something seems too fantastic to be accurate.

You will always view men negatively because of your tragic past. You’ll start categorizing all men as dangerous predators and taking precautions around them. To some extent, this is expected.

Toxic relationships shatter confidence in both yourself and others. It will make you doubt yourself and your partner. Slow down and be gentle with yourself.


3. Trying to Push him away

Someone has made you think that you don’t deserve the best in the past. So if you get it, you turn it down. You worry about losing something good that you like. You try to mess it up first because you don’t like to get hurt again. But you’ll notice this guy is different because he’ll chase you if you run. If you push him, he will grab you and not let you go.

4- Relationships Move Faster Than You

While you’re trying to find secrets in his closet, he’s already madly in love with you, and before you know it, you’re going everywhere with him.

Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship
Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship

5- Despite Resisting, you Fall for him

All you want is to stay away from this good guy who seems to have been sent to you from heaven, so you do everything you can to stay away from him. But the forces of a good guy are more vigorous and more extensive than any other force in the world, and you find yourself falling in love with him even though you don’t want to.

6- You Expect Constant Arguing and Fighting

Fights in your previous toxic relationship could have started over nothing. They happened every day, and it felt like you were used to fighting and disagreeing. But you don’t know what to do because this new guy doesn’t want to fight with you.

7- You Say Sorry Too Much

In a toxic relationship, sometimes, the only way to stop fighting is to say sorry. It is especially true if your partner is emotionally abusive and takes out their rage on you at any time.

Your new boyfriend may wonder why you’re so sorry all the time. Tell them that you are working on some old things. Over time, you’ll learn you don’t have to apologize for everything.

8- You Lose Your Insecurities

Numerous insecurities resulted from the toxic relationship. It left you with the impression that you do not deserve anyone’s love, a respectful, generous, and trusted guy. But when you finally accept that this relationship (and this guy) is genuine, you feel stronger and better than you have in a very long time.

Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship
Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship

9- Ask yourself if they’re Better off without You

You believe they are better off without you, but the truth is that they have also improved your life. And I am aware that you fear loving again. I am aware of your reluctance to allow someone so close. However, your sensitivity is your sympathy. Your courage, wisdom, and lack of prejudice toward others make you beautiful.

In the past, it was possible for you to love someone unlovable and terrible. You saw the best in them. You took a risk with them. You never abandoned them. Now is your chance to get it back. Although it will differ from your previous relationships, a new one is what you deserve.


10- You’ll Think You Need More Effort

You are new to superficial relationships. You’ve never been with someone who makes things look simple. Everything in your previous relationship was always tricky. You think that in every relationship you have, you should always give it your all, sometimes even more than is needed.

11- You’ll Gradually Trust Him

Every relationship is built on trust, and this new guy is excellent enough to convince you to let down your guard. You will understand what it means to be at ease with someone. You’ll feel comfortable being open and vulnerable with a man you know won’t hurt or mislead you.

12- You Have the Room you Need

A healthy relationship provides the space necessary to enjoy a positive, loving connection. Appreciate the change in atmosphere, and allow yourself to enjoy having a healthy connection with another person.

Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship
Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship

13- You Experience Loving Yourself

When in a toxic relationship, one never feels sufficient. There appears to be something wrong with you, and if you could cure it, things would improve. It is strange and liberating to realize that you were never the problem. Now you can relax and enjoy being loved for who you are.

14- You Begin to Forget About Your Ex

Initially, it may feel like you will never forget what your ex-partner put you through. In all honesty, some scars will remain, and you will occasionally recall the relationship.

However, as time passes, you will find yourself living in the present and thinking of your ex less and less.


15- You Trust Your New Guy and Yourself

Over time, you will learn to trust yourself and your feelings about your new partner. You will also develop trust in them. You will know that when they commit, they mean it, and you can disagree while respectfully maintaining safety.

You start to see that the relationship you thought was love wasn’t even close to the real thing. You learn that love shouldn’t hurt or make you feel bad about yourself. Love shouldn’t break your heart just to put it back together again. Love is not something that looks like jealousy. Whether they do it to make you jealous or because they are jealous of you. True love doesn’t mess with your heart or want to see you hurt.

You now see that all of that wasn’t love but rather control. You work on yourself and love again without fear, but you do it right now. The right kind of love can heal you; this guy has done just that.

This last stage is definitely worth the wait. Finally, you dating a good guy after a toxic relationship.



Toxic relationships are bad, but there is hope. Even if you’ve been in a relationship that was bad for you, you can still have a  chance to get a good one now.


How long should you wait to date after a toxic relationship?

If you were in a fairly committed relationship, you would need a month or two to process the breakup, grieve, and integrate lessons before getting back into a relationship. Three to four months might be necessary if you dated for a year or longer.

Are toxic relationships true love?

Accepting and valuing another person’s unique qualities is given in a loving relationship. A toxic relationship is defined by a failure to get one’s partner for who they are and a persistent desire to convert that person into someone more to one’s liking.

Can you fall in love right after a breakup?

Things may get ugly following a split, and falling in love again can be a genuine challenge. Life happens, and we frequently fall in love with someone just after a breakup. However, extreme caution is required with this new situation because it could mess up your life if you’re not careful.

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