22 Most Obvious Signs She Secretly Wants You

As a man, you need clarification about the signs she secretly wants you. Men don’t know what a woman means when she gives them every obvious sign that she secretly likes them, but they’re sure the one who’s just friendly wants them badly. I’ve watched this happen many times and know how stressful it is for both people.

Signs She Secretly Wants You But is Hiding it

Signs She Secretly Wants You
 Signs She Secretly Wants You

Understanding what goes on in the female mind might be difficult. You want more than friends, but reading a woman’s mind takes time. Does she secretly like you more than a friend? Does she like you romantically? Does she secretly love you deeply? Does she secretly want you but keep it hidden?

We’re here to help you figure out what she means by what she says and how she acts, so don’t worry. We have selected the top signs and secrets to understand her feelings for you.

You want to attract a fantastic girl and make her desire you, but you don’t want to be rejected. You’re not alone. Most guys have pondered, “Does she like me?”

Some girls are adept at concealing their emotions, but that does not mean they won’t reveal them. If you know what to look for, keep reading. Knowing her feelings can make it much simpler for you to express yourself. Knowing the truth helps you determine whether or not to pursue something.

Suppose you are just suffering with your college papers and lectures and thinking about how to make the first move. In that case, the following signs indicate that she secretly wants you.

Examine the signs she establishes for you very carefully, and you must be honest about whether or not you notice them. If you are searching for signs that she is not interested in you, you should examine the opposite of each of them.

The following are the 22 obvious signs she secretly wants you:

Signs She Secretly Wants You
Signs She Secretly Wants You

1- When You’re not looking, She’s looking at You

It may not mean much if she glances at you only once. But it is not a coincidence if she is continually staring at you. If she is trying to hide how she feels, she will quickly look away when you look at her.

It is the norm for women who do not wish to be too forward about their romantic interest in men. In fact, according to psychologist Jeremy Nicholson, “attention” is one of the top four signs of attraction.

Therefore, if you observe that she looks at you and follows your every move, she may have a secret crush on you.

2. She Defends Her Conduct

A girl who secretly loves you deeply will more likely defend herself in her talks with you. Because of a single reason: She is concerned about what you think of her. Therefore, she will want to clarify specific confusing issues to prevent you from forming the wrong impression of her.

She wants you to have a positive impression of her. She desires that you hold her in high regard. Just because a woman defends herself does not mean she is badly in love with you. But if she does, it’s a sign that you don’t leave her alone.

You must recognize her for other traits to determine if a woman finds you attractive.

3- Her Friends know Her Feelings for You

It is one of the most obvious signs that you should investigate further. Suppose her friends know about you because she continually mentions your name. In that case, they also know she constantly thinks about you.

As far as they can tell, you can never abandon something. Each subject also leads to you. They may also dislike it, but they can observe how severely she oppresses you. Because they care so much about her, they may also be interested in vetting you for her sake.

Signs She Secretly Wants You
Signs She Secretly Wants You

4- She Texts with many Emojis

Girls appreciate emojis; if they like you, they may use more of them. Examine your past text message interactions to determine if she frequently uses emojis. If so, it may indicate that she secretly likes you. However, it could mean she likes emojis, so you should seek other clues if you’re apprehensive about asking her out.

Certain emojis are flirtier than others! She probably likes you if she sends you the heart, heart-eyes, or winking face emojis.

5- She Knows Your Secrets

If she begins dropping small details about you that you have not revealed to her, this is another sign of her interest. Why else would she bother conducting research?

She knows you secretly like anime and has strong feelings about specific ship pairings in your favorite shows. You are aware that you have never stated it. She is informed. And you wonder if you have any other secrets.

6- She Constantly Asks you Questions

She likes to know more about you and thinks honesty is the best way to do that. She is interested in your past, present, and future. She is interested in your interests, views, and objectives. The more she learns about you, the more curious she becomes. Because she likes the sounds she hears

It is a simple psychological impulse that girls find difficult to control. When they are intrigued by something, they dig deeper and deeper until they find what they seek and are satisfied. She is interested in you and likes what she has learned about you thus far.

7- She’s Curious About the Girls Around You

She’s probably more interested in your social life for deeper reasons than just curiosity. A woman who secretly wants you will attempt to determine if you are seeing someone else. If she sees you hanging out with your female friends, she becomes curious and questions you.

Subtle queries such as “how long have the two of you been dating?” Or suggestive remarks like “you guys look nice together!” are a few ways a female may attempt to determine the nature of her relationship with other individuals.

Signs She Secretly Wants You
Signs She Secretly Wants You

8- Having a Blush

She might occasionally blush in your presence. It denotes a feeling of joy typical of a woman deeply in love with a man. It can happen at the start of a conversation with you (like when you greet her), after you’ve praised her, giving her a more extended glance, etc.

9- She Texts You But hasn’t Spoken to You in Person

A woman who secretly wants you will make contact with you in a manner she is comfortable in other words, not in person.

If she impulsively initiates contact with you by text message but not in person, she may be afraid to engage in a face-to-face chat with you. It indicates that she places a high value on the outcome of her interactions with you.

She is terrified of making a mistake by approaching you in person. She loves texting since she feels more at ease behind a screen. Critical indicators of genuine emotional support. Therefore, if a woman reaches out to you by text message but does not approach you in person, it may indicate that she secretly wants you.


10- She Becomes Nervous whenever You’re around

Everyone has been there. While on a date with a woman, your stomach begins to flip. Well, girls are the same.

If a lady likes you, she will likely feel nervous around you. It is especially the case if she needs to learn about you. After all, she wants to make a good impression.

What body language cues suggest her anxiety? Here are a few to watch for:

  • She is touching her face.
  • She tampers with her hair.
  • She blinks with greater frequency.
  • She babbles.
  • She has highly restless hands.

It is also vital to comprehend the background and her typical behavior.

For example, if she usually talks too much to everyone else, her talking to you means nothing. Before assuming she is scared, knowing how she usually acts is crucial.


11- She wants to Hang Out with You alone

If she only invites you to hang out with her, it’s one of the most obvious signs you should notice. Then it would help if you jumped in. She has something important to say or wants to be alone with you.

So, if she doesn’t make you feel like she’s just putting you in the friend zone, it’s a good sign that she secretly likes you more than a friend and would like to spend more time with you to get to know you better. It is accurate, especially if she has all the other signs on this list.

Signs She Secretly Wants You
Signs She Secretly Wants You

12- She Smiles at Your Jokes

Most people do this when they love you. She laughs, even though you know it’s not that funny. Something about how you said it caught her off guard, and you also got to hear a real belly laugh.

If things continue, she will groan at one of those jokes one day, but not today. Put it down to happy chemicals in the brain. When you’re in love, even bad jokes are much funnier. Science says so.

13- She Welcomes and Reciprocates Your Touch

Using this test, you can find out if she wants you in no time. Lightly touch her arm and observe how she responds. If she does not immediately shrug off your touch or move away, it’s a positive sign. However, it is also possible that she is being courteous. In addition, if she leans toward you or returns the gesture, it’s a terrific sign that she secretly loves you.

Excellent if she initiates the touch! However, a mild touch does not signify that she is making sexual approaches. According to behavior expert John Schafer, soft touch doesn’t invite sex.; instead, it suggests that she likes you.

She might like you if she frequently “accidentally” brushes her leg against you, takes her time to brush the dirt out of your hair, or gives you a long hug.

14- Intonation

Tone enables us to discern emotions. Girls tend to sound softer and sweeter when speaking to someone they admire. It is especially noticeable over the phone.

According to Technology Insider, when we are in the presence of an attractive partner, our voices and speech are altered to sound more beautiful and similar. Therefore, a favorable change in her tone indicates that she likes you.

15- She Claims to be Single

She likes you to ask her out by letting her know she’s single. When she speaks, pay close attention to any mentions of her romantic status so you can catch them. The following are instances of what she would say:

  • “I’m single.”
  • “All my friends are in relationships, but I am single.”
  • “I wonder whether I’ll ever find someone.”
  • It’s been so long since my last relationship.
  • “I have yet to find a date for the dance.”
Signs She Secretly Wants You
Signs She Secretly Wants You

16- She Shows interest in things You Like

She wants to have more in common with you. So, she’ll want you to see her showing an interest in something you care about, whether that’s your fandom, a passion for cooking, or a human rights movement you support.

If she cares enough about you to show interest in what you like, she secretly likes you and isn’t totally against what you learned.

17- She Opens Up to You

It’s challenging to ignore yet another girlish feature. She secretly wants you and trusts you completely. She feels that there should not be any secrets in a good partnership. She ensures you know everything about her, including her innermost secrets.

And she expects the same from you as well. She hopes you will follow her lead and open your heart to her. To her, it’s a confirmation that you adore her. Consequently, by revealing herself to you, she also seeks confirmation of your interest.

18- Around You, She Grooms

People prefer to modify themselves around attractive people. Men may straighten their posture and smooth their hair. Girls behave while conversing with a person they find fascinating.

Watch for actions such as smoothing her clothing and adjusting her hairstyle. Even if she is unaware that she is grooming herself for you, it could be a hint that she finds you appealing.

19- She’s Primping for Your Arrival

This indicator applies to the majority of women. A lady in love with you will try to appeal to you. And especially to be visually appealing.

In your presence, she will frequently:

Utilize sensual cosmetics. Be well groomed, appropriately dressed, etc., to ensure that you notice her besides the fact that you like her sexually.

Signs She Secretly Wants You
Signs She Secretly Wants You

20- She Desires to know Your “type” of Girl

Has she ever asked you what type of woman you find attractive? She is possibly curious about guys’ preferences but is also drawn to you.


Because if she were interested in you, she would want to know your personality type to match it. She wants to know whether her personality qualifies her for your relationship.

If you like her, you could describe her character. You know she likes you if she grins when you tell her.

21- She Sends Random Phone Photos

How wonderful is it when a person you’re interested in sends you an image out of the blue?Whatever the reason, she took a photograph with you in mind. She included you in that experience, even if you couldn’t share it with her.

Whether she is willing to accept it or not, she wants you to play a more significant role in her daily life.

22- She Likes being Close to You

She seeks out events to touch you:

  • Hugging you to say hello and goodbye
  • Having contact with your arms, hands, or shoulders
  • Holding on to you during frightening situations

If you tell her not to touch you, she will respect your wishes and keep her hands to herself. However, if you ask her for a hug, she’s all in.


Some believe that men and women are descended from Venus and Mars. Women’s silence makes it difficult for males to understand. Men and women think differently. Men may comprehend women by seeing the world through their eyes. Simple.

Men think logically, whereas women think emotionally. Think like a woman, and you’ll understand women. They’re transparent.

The most apparent signs above will reveal a girl’s feelings. It will tell if she secretly wants you.


Can a girl like you but not show it?

She may try to ignore you, deny liking you, or hide her true sentiments. But blushing at your corny jokes or messaging back too quickly are indicators. There are several obvious signs that a female likes you but isn’t expressing it.

How do girls show they aren’t interested?

She may feel uncomfortable if she turns away or leans back. She blocks you. She may not like you if she hides behind a chair or table or shields herself with her purse or backpack.

How do you know if she likes you more than a friend?

She may like you if she requests your company. Even a regular “Let’s hang out!” could mean she wants more than friends. Planning is a beautiful approach to testing a long-term relationship.

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