The Complete Guide to the Lipstick Lesbian Flag

Many people in the LGBTQ+ community use the “Lipstick Lesbian Flag” to show who they are and that they belong to a group. It is a flag that stands for a specific group of lesbians. Its history and meaning are unique. All you need to know about the Lipstick Lesbian Flag, from its history to its importance today, is explained in this post. 

Maybe you are one of the LGBTQ+ community members, an ally, or would want to know about them. We will brief you on all you must understand about the Lipstick Lesbian Flag. So let’s dip in and see what the “lipstick lesbian flag” is about.

What is the Lipstick Lesbian Flag Colors Mean

lipstick lesbian flag
lipstick lesbian flag

The lipstick lesbian flag is a way for lesbians who like traditionally feminine looks and styles to show their pride and sense of self. The flag has four different colors, each of which stands for something different:

1- Deep Pink

The Lipstick Lesbian Flag is a deep pink color, representing femininity, romantic love, and attraction between women of the same gender. It stands for the emotional and physical bonds between women and the joy and passion of romantic love.

2- Light Pink

The light pink flag stands for softness, tenderness, and love. It symbolizes how women manage each other and how being a woman is constantly linked with empathy and fostering.

3- Dark Red

The red on the flag stands for sexuality and the desire to be sexual. It represents the passion and closeness of sexual relationships between women and the confidence and assertiveness of lesbians who are proud of their sexuality.

4- White

The white color on the flag stands for not conforming to gender norms and being open to everyone. It shows how different lesbians are, particularly those who do not even fit into typical stereotypes and gender roles.

It also shows how other parts of individuality, like race, ethnicity, and religion, are attached to lesbian identity.

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How the Lipstick Lesbian Flag is Used

lipstick lesbian flag
lipstick lesbian flag

For many lesbians who like traditionally feminine styles and looks, the lipstick lesbian flag is an important sign of identity and community. It is used in many ways to represent and celebrate this part of the LGBTQ+ community.

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1- The LGBTQ+ Community and Representation

The Lipstick Lesbian Flag allows lesbians to show the world who they are. By putting up the flag or wearing clothes with its colors, people can show who they are and how they feel about the larger community of lesbians who present as women.

2- Display during Pride Events

The Lipstick Lesbian Flag is often shown at Pride events and parades to show support for LGBTQ+ people and their rights. It’s on banners, posters, and clothes, a sign of the community’s diversity and strength.

3- Use of Social Media and Online Communities

The Lipstick Lesbian Flag is also used in online communities and on social media sites to connect with other community members and show support for people who have had similar experiences. The flag is often used as a profile picture or background on social media accounts. People can say something regarding who they are and what they adore.

Overall, the Lipstick Lesbian Flag is an important sign of identity, representation, and community for lesbians who like traditionally feminine styles and looks. Its versatility underlines the broad spectrum of self-identity within the LGBTQ+ community. It is a powerful reminder that improvement toward full equality and acceptance is still a work in progress.

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Controversy and Criticism The Lipstick Lesbian Flag

lipstick lesbian flag
lipstick lesbian flag

The lesbian flag symbolizes lesbians who show their femininity and like other women who do the same. Natalie McCray made it in 2010. The lesbian community has seen it as a sign of pride and visibility.

1- Criticism of the Flag‘s Design 

But, like any other symbol or flag, the Lipstick Lesbian Flag has been criticized for its design and the fact that it needs to be a separate flag. People have expressed that they don’t like the flag’s layout because it’s pink, usually related to women, and has a lipstick mark, which is generally associated with refined women.

Some individuals have stated that the “Lipstick Lesbian Flag” doesn’t have people who don’t fit into traditional gender roles or who don’t like the color pink. It has also sparked discussion about whether the divisions within the LGBTQ+ community are helpful or harmful.

2- Debate Over the Need for a Separate Flag

Supporters of the Lipstick Lesbian Flag say the flag stands for a group of lesbians who have been left out and ignored. They say that the flag doesn’t represent all lesbians and that there are other flags, like the Lesbian Pride Flag, that do.
They also say that the Lipstick Lesbian Flag is a valuable symbol of visibility and recognition for those who identify with it. The criticism of the flag’s design ignores that signs and colors are inherently subjective and can mean different things to different people.

3- Response to Criticism from the Flag‘s Supporters

In response to the criticism of the Lipstick Lesbian Flag’s design, some supporters have come up with other designs that use different colors or symbols to show the diversity of the lesbian community. Others have claimed that changing the flag may confuse or even break the community since it has become such a well-known and admitted symbol.
The Lipstick Lesbian Flag has been criticized and debated because of its design and the fact that it is a separate flag. Some say the flag reinforces traditional gender stereotypes and leaves out people who don’t fit those molds.
On the other hand, supporters say that the flag is a valuable way for a certain subgroup of lesbians to be seen and recognized. When it all boils down to it, individuals have the freedom of choice over whether or not they want to display the Lipstick Lesbian Flag.

Other Lesbian Flags

Aside from the Lipstick Lesbian Flag, there are a few other flags in the lesbian community that show different experiences and identities. Here are some of the most popular lesbian pride flags:

1- Lesbian Pride Flag

Sean Campbell made this flag in 1999. It has stripes of pink and red, which stand for femininity. White stands for gender neutrality, and orange stands for community.

2- The Lesbian Butch Flag

Graphic designer Kestryl Cael Lowrey made this flag in 2018. Its shades of blue and black show the strength and identity of butches.

3- The Female Lesbian Flag

In 2018, graphic designer Emily Gwen made this flag with shades of pink, purple, and white to show that women are strong and can stand independently.

4- The Lesbian Flag of Labrys

The name of this flag comes from the two-headed axe that ancient Minoan women used. It has a black triangle on a lavender field with a labrys on top of it. Lesbian feminists created it in the 1970s to demonstrate how strong and independent lesbians were.

Remember that the Lipstick Lesbian Flag reflects a unique identity and knowledge within the lesbian community when resembling other lesbian pride flags. Other flags, like the butch, femme, and strong flags, show different parts of lesbian identity. For example, the lipstick lesbian flag offers femininity and attraction to other women who look feminine.

One possible problem with the lesbian community having multiple flags is that it can divide people and reinforce stereotypes. But many supporters say that having more than one flag can help make different experiences in the community more visible and known.

In the end, a lesbian’s choice of the flag is personal, and different lesbians may identify with one flag or more than one, depending on their own experiences and identities.

How to Make a Lipstick Lesbian Flag

lipstick lesbian flag
lipstick lesbian flag

Making a Lipstick Lesbian Flag is a fun and creative way to show your pride in the lipstick lesbian community and show your support for it. Here are the things you’ll need and step-by-step instructions for making your Lipstick Lesbian Flag:

1- Material Needed

  • Pink fabric (or pink dye and white fabric)
  • Red cloth (or red dye and white fabric)
  • White fabric (optional)
  • Needle and thread or a sewing machine
  • Stamp or stencil for lipstick (optional)

2- Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Cut strips of pink and red fabric that are about the same size. The standard Lipstick Lesbian Flag has three stripes: pink stripes at the top and bottom and red lines in the middle.
  • White cloth may be easily dyed pink or red by following the instructions on the fabric dye packet. Let the material dry before moving on.
  • It would help if you stacked the pink and red fabric strips with the red stripe in the center and the pink stripes on the top and bottom.
  • May hold the strips in place by pinning their ends together.
  • Stitch the strips along the edges with a sewing machine or needle and thread to make the flag.
  • You may make it gender inclusive by adding a white stripe through the center.
  • To make a lipstick mark on the flag, draw the shape with a stencil or stamp. You can bypass this procedure if you so want.

Once you finish making your Lipstick Lesbian Flag, you can hang it up or put it somewhere else to show your support for the lipstick lesbian community. Remember to maintain your flag by washing it carefully and keeping it away from harm when it’s not in use.

Where to Buy a Lipstick Lesbian Flag

For many people in the LGBTQ+ community, the “lipstick lesbian flag” is a sign of pride and who they are. It has stripes in different shades of pink, purple, and red and a lipstick mark in the top left corner. If you want to buy a Lipstick Lesbian flag, you can do so in a few different ways.

1- Online sellers

There are a lot of places online where you can buy pride flags, like the lipstick lesbian flag. Amazon, Etsy, and Pride Shack are all well-known choices. A broad range of sizes and fabrics is available on these sites, from hand-held to wall-mounted flags. Check the seller’s ratings and read customer reviews before purchasing online.

2- Local LGBTQ+ Stores

If you prefer to shop in person, you might be able to find a lipstick lesbian flag at a local LGBTQ+ store. In many cities, some stores cater to the LGBTQ+ community and sell clothes, home decor, and pride flags.

These shops often have a wider selection of flags than virtual replicas, and clients may examine the item in their inquiry before purchasing. You can do a Google search or look in LGBTQ+ directories like the Gay Yellow Pages to search for a store near you that sells things for LGBTQ+ people.

Before you buy a lipstick lesbian flag, think about how big and what kind of flag you want. Flags may range in size from those you can carry in one hand to enormous banners. Consider buying a flag with grommets or a pole sleeve to make hanging easier.

Purchasing a “lipstick lesbian flag” is a beautiful way of supporting the lesbian community. You can do this at a local LGBTQ+ store or online.

How to Display and Care for a Lipstick Lesbian Flag

lipstick lesbian flag
lipstick lesbian flag

The Lipstick Lesbian Flag is a sign of the lesbian community that celebrates the glamour and feminism of lesbians, who may enjoy activities usually associated with women. Remember a few things if you own a Lipstick Lesbian Flag and want to fly it proudly. Learn how to fly and maintain your Lipstick Lesbian Flag properly here!

1- Hang the Flag Properly

Properly displaying your flag requires appropriate hanging. The flag should be vertically flown and centered. Do not sully the flag by allowing it to contact the floor. Ensure the flag is fastened correctly. It must be displayed outdoors in the elements.

2- Find a Suitable Location

Think about how accessible and visible the spot will be before planting your flag there. More people will see your flag if you display it near a window or other highly seeable location. But remember that flying the flag in direct sunlight or a high-wind area might cause it to fade or deteriorate faster.

Keeping a lipstick lesbian flag clean can help it keep its bright colors and a new look for a longer time. The flag may be cleaned by hand in cold water with a light detergent, then hung to dry. Don’t use strong chemicals on the cloth, such as bleach, or the colors may fade. If you still decide, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning your flag.

Alternate Ways to Show Support

One way to support the lesbian community is to fly the lesbian flag. Yet there are multiple options to be a partner and offer help. Here are some different ways to show that you care:

1- Wear a Lesbian Pride Symbol

Many jewelry and clothing items can be worn as signs of lesbian pride. For instance, the labrys, a two-headed axe, is a sign of lesbian strength and independence. Support can also be shown by wearing the rainbow flag, often associated with the LGBTQ+ community.

2- Use Inclusive language

Another way to support the lesbian community is to use language that includes everyone. Using non-gender-specific pronouns and bypassing the creation of beliefs about someone’s sexuality is also part of this.

3- Attend LGBTQ+ Events

Attending LGBTQ+ events like Pride marches, rallies, and festivals can be a powerful way to show support and allyship. At these events, music, art, and performances often celebrate the culture of LGBTQ+ people and try to make people more aware and accepting.

4- Support Lesbian-Owned Businesses

Another way to support the lesbian community is to buy from lesbian-owned businesses. You may support lesbian-owned firms by making buys, attending events, or extending the word online.

5- Educate Yourself

A big part of showing support and being an ally is learning about what lesbians go through and how they deal with problems. It can be done by reading books, watching documentaries, or listening to podcasts about lesbian experiences and issues.

Using these other ways to show support, we can make a more open and accepting society for all LGBTQ+ people, including lesbians.

The Future of the Lipstick Lesbian Flag

lipstick lesbian flag
lipstick lesbian flag

The Lipstick Lesbian Flag allows a specific group of lesbians to show their visibility and pride. It was made by designer Natalie McCray in 2010 to represent lesbians who are feminine and   like to do traditionally feminine things like dresses and makeup.

The lesbian community, however, has discussed whether or not a new flag design would be more welcoming to everybody. The future of the Lipstick Lesbian Flag is discussed, along with ideas for improving its layout and creating it more inclusive.

1- Potential Changes to the Flag’s Design

Even though many lesbians like the Lipstick Lesbian Flag, some have criticized its design. Some people think the colors on the flag are too soft and not strong enough to show how strong and diverse the lesbian community is. Some people have said that the lipstick in the middle of the flag reinforces traditional gender roles and could make non-binary lesbians feel left out.

To deal with these problems, some designers have devised other ideas for the Lipstick Lesbian Flag. For example, artist Jessica Krcmarik made a version of the flag that was more colorful and bold. It had a variety of colors and a graphic of heart-shaped lipstick. Other designers have said that they should take out the lipstick graphic entirely and replace it with a symbol that represents all lesbians, no matter if they wear makeup or do other traditionally female things.

2- Possibility of Greater Inclusivity in the Lesbian Community

Lesbians who don’t see themselves as the stereotypically feminine woman who enjoys dresses and cosmetics have said they feel rejected by the “Lipstick Lesbian Flag.” But in the lesbian community, there is a new direction: creating signs that show how other lesbian lives and self-identity are.

Some people have suggested making more flags or symbols for other parts of the lesbian community to make the Lipstick Lesbian Flag more inclusive. For example, the Butch Lesbian Flag was made in 2019 to represent lesbians who present themselves in a more masculine or non-gender-conforming way. In the same way, the Bisexual Lesbian Flag was created to represent lesbians who also like people of the opposite gender.



The “lipstick lesbian flag” symbolizes lesbians, but it has been criticized, and there have been calls for the lesbian community to be more open. Some ideas for changing the flag include adding a brown or black stripe and removing the lipstick mark. 

As part of the motivation for more inclusion, lesbian experiences of different kinds need to be admitted and accepted. Groups like the Lesbian Visibility Committee are working to secure lesbians are more visible and get involved in the community.
The “lipstick lesbian flag” is crucial because it shows how women who are lesbians may feel left out of the LGBTQ+ community. But the talks and debates about changes to the flag show that the community is always trying to make itself more representative and welcoming. By supporting these discussions, we can ensure everyone in the LGBTQ+ community feels welcome and accepted.


Who created the lipstick lesbian flag?

Natalie McCray made the lipstick lesbian flag in 2010.

Are there any variations of the lipstick lesbian flag?

Yes, the lipstick lesbian flag comes in different versions, such as one with a darker lipstick mark and one with a different shade of pink.

What is the meaning behind the lipstick lesbian flag colors?

The lipstick lesbian flag’s colors don’t have an official meaning, but most people think they are about femininity and love.

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