How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person

Do you have a guy you find attractive but are unsure how to tell a guy you like in person? You and he may have been friends for many years. He might be the new resident of your apartment building. You might have just matched with them on a dating app, too. And even while you would want nothing more than to believe that putting your heart on the line and running the danger of rejection is not a big issue, it’s normal if it is.

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person
How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person

It’s one thing to admit that you like someone; it’s another to tell them about your feelings. It’s also much simpler to say than to do. Unfortunately, the idea that men should always initiate contact and women should be content to wait for it to happen is deeply ingrained in our culture. However, as time passes, more and more women are overcoming this stigma, making the first move, and speaking their feelings. I assure you that there is nothing wrong with it.

Yes, it isn’t easy, but with the proper support and motivation, you’ll have the strength to follow these suggestions.


But First, How Do You Realize When You Like a Guy?

Let’s start by discussing how to recognize a guy you like. Typically, it is apparent. However, sometimes you wonder if you feel anything at all. Thus, it boils down to a few minor issues.

Are you prepared to face them?

If a guy appeals to you, you might:

  1. Be glad to see him.
  2. More usually than not, think of him.
  3. You can feel stomach flutters or tightness in your chest when you’re near him.
  4. Feel your heartbeat accelerate.
  5. Chat or text with him regularly.
  6. Dress up if you want to see him.
  7. Would you like to spend time with him and talk about your life?
  8. When he always makes you laugh and joyful.
  9. When you find yourself constantly considering how to spend more time with him.
  10. When other girls who get to hang out with him make you jealous.
  11. When he is your first and last text or phone call.
  12. When he is the subject of every song on your iPod.
  13. You can’t stop smiling and being in a good mood with him.
  14. To hear him laugh, you would do everything.
  15. You feel sick and miserable just thinking about being without him.
How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person
How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person

How Can You Tell a Man If He is Interested in You But Keep It Secret?

Now it’s more like boy meets girl; boy also meets other girls; girl meets other guys. Girl and boy like each other but only partially focus on each other. Girl and boy don’t fully understand how the other person feels; they both have their guard up; they become closer but still don’t know “what” this is, and so on. You see where I’m going.

In conclusion, tell a guy you like a more significant part of the process to simplify dating. You don’t have to engage in gameplay. Tell him where you stand if you want him to know where you stand. Just be sure you do it correctly. Let’s examine how now.

If he does, move forward confidently because you will only learn something if you try! Keep hope if he does; you still have a chance to influence his decision. You should temporarily move on if he is dating someone else. However, if he still needs to develop an affection for you, there is room for friendly interactions and flirtation. Before you contact a guy, use the following methods to get to know him better:

  • Ask around about him. Ask a trusted friend to help you if you’re shy so you can find out if he likes you or is giving you hints. You can afford to be a little braver if you are sure that he likes you.
  • Watch for any signs he may leave. If a guy likes you, he’ll usually go above and beyond his way to be around you. He will find justifications to sit next to you, attend social gatherings you hear, and he might even start hanging out with your pals. Pay attention!
  • If you notice him staring at you, try to make eye contact with him for a few seconds. You can tell he likes you back if he stays in touch. If he withdraws, it may signify that he wants you and is reserved. There are several reasons why people might look at one another, so use caution. Your teeth might include spinach!
How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person
How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person

How Do You Tell A Guy You’re Falling in Love With Him in Person?

Many people are still determining the best way to tell someone they like him without telling him.

There are many covert signs of letting a guy know that you like him if you don’t like to go out and talk to him about your feelings immediately. But here’s the thing, guys sometimes need to pick up on flirting and subtle messaging.

While you can start with these, eventually, you’ll need to admit your feelings. However, this is an enjoyable approach to beginning the relationship. Nothing is better than getting to know someone for the first time, so enjoy it.

1- Talk With Him.

Start by speaking with him. I realize it’s fundamental and conventional. However, you must first talk to one another to ascertain whether there is chemistry, get to know one another and establish your relationship.

Here are some pointers for striking up a cordial dialogue with him:

  • Make him feel admirable by asking questions such as, “Did you get a haircut? It appears well.”)
  • Inquire about a topic he mentioned in a previous conversation (for instance, “How was your football game last weekend?”).
  • If you want his opinion, ask him for it (for example, “Have you been to X? I’m thinking of checking it out”).

2- Understand His Interests

Do you want to know how to tell a guy you like him?

Please make an effort to understand his interests.

This is not to say that you must push yourself to approve of what he does; simply asking him about it shows that you are interested in the subject. It might get his attention and inspire him to perform better.

How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person
How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person

3- Be Kind to Him

We frequently overlook how awesome it is to compliment women outside our comfort zones since we’re used to males seeking them. Make careful to compliment his attractiveness when you praise him. While it may attract many friends to a person’s personality, true romantic interests will first discuss their appearance to spark a conversation.

4- Get His Bill

Think he’s attractive when you see him from across the room? Picking up his bill is ideal if you have yet to learn about him but are evaluating him from a distance. Guys appreciate a bold woman, so it’s a subtle way to express your interest.

5- Discuss What You Have in Common

Talking about activities you might do together is a fantastic conversation starter. You can both enjoy these activities; the boy may want them if you do them together. Both of you will feel more at ease this way.

How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person
How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person

6- Experiment With Flirting With Him!

Guys are generally lousy at recognizing when someone is flirting with them. It may or may not be true; many men’s guidelines on the internet aim to answer the question, “Are they flirting with me?” That doesn’t mean you should flirt more; it just means you should be aware that even if he likes you, he could not flirt back with you.

7- A Little Flirting

Although flirting is a clear sign of interest, remember that men and women have varied tastes in flirting.

In a study that was published in the journal Sex Roles, participants were asked to rank the potency of three different sorts of flirty remarks:

“Pick-up” phrases: “Are you tired? I’ve been thinking about you all night, so thank you!”

What would you recommend ordering from the menu?

Approaches made directly: “You’re hot! Can I join you in your seat?

Unexpectedly, males preferred direct methods, while women preferred open-ended queries. No one was surprised that no one liked the pick-up lines.

So make use of this knowledge to your advantage. Go for it! Be more assertive than you might often be and start flirting.

How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person
How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person

8- Smile at Him To Let Him Know You Like Him

Nobody ever went into trouble for smiling. Studies have shown that smiling makes people seem likable, which is helpful if you try to find out how to tell a guy you like him. From a distance, smile at him. While he is speaking, smile. When you see him, smile.

It will be easy to show him you’re having fun with him if you enjoy him.

9- Find Some Common Ground

Find a joint activity that the two of you will love and recommend it. Whatever you do together, whether running, hiking, shopping, cooking, or playing video games, make sure you enjoy it.

It is a fantastic way to have fun, spend more time together, and show him you have common interests.

10- Just Let Him know

I realize it’s a bold suggestion, but tell him you’re curious! There is no room for him to misinterpret, and you won’t waste more time on him if he is not interested, even though it could sound silly.

When you are alone, approach the matter gently.

“We share a lot of similarities. We’d be a lovely couple!

“Have you ever considered dating me?”

Sincerely, you reflect all the qualities I seek in a relationship. What do you think of that?

Don’t take it personally if he doesn’t know how to react because he may have never considered you a potential love partner. He may require some time to think.

Men are pretty straightforward by nature. So even though it could be frightening, to be honest with this man about your feelings, he’ll respect your openness. If he’s a decent guy, he’ll be polite about it whether he likes you or not.

How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person
How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person

How To Say it Straight You Like Him

What’s this? The simplest method to express your feelings for a guy is.

Simply telling him. Please say it out loud. When you are together, you can inform him. Use a phrase like “I like you.” Alternatively, “I enjoy getting to know you and want to spend SOME time with you.”

If you’re feeling courageous, tell him, “I like you. Are you fond of me?

It is the ideal method to express your admiration for someone, mainly because it might be challenging to detect subliminal messages. Not to mention that you can immediately see their response when you are face to face. So, you can receive the answer immediately when you ask them whether they like you too.

If the response is yes, decide what you want. Would you like to date? Are you interested in going on a date? Determine what it is, then inquire of him.

How To Express Your Feelings For a Guy If You Were Friends First

The most crucial thing is your friendship, so act accordingly.

Be mindful that dating your guy buddy can end your friendship as you know it. Adding romance to this connection could likely ruin it. Regardless of whether you end up dating and breaking up some months later or whether he’s not attracted to you from the start.

Consider this: Is it alright if our friendship is terminated due to this? You may wait a few weeks to see if your feelings for him haven’t changed or if they have. It’s common to develop crushes on the guys you spend plenty of time with, so wait a while before acting on your feelings to ensure they’re sincere.

If it turns out that he doesn’t share your sentiments, give yourself some time to heal before returning to your friendship. Although things could initially feel odd, once your heart has healed and you start meeting and dating new people, things should return to normal.

How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person
How To Tell a Guy You Like Him in Person
If a Guy is New, How Do You Tell Him You Like Him?

Suppose you meet this guy in a club or on a dating app. Please get to know him as much as possible before deciding.

See what you can find on him on Google. Although I don’t want to scare you, there are married males using dating apps. There are a lot of creeps as well. You would avoid the inconvenience of devoting time and effort to a man if you could, for instance, learn via web research that he has a criminal history.

Check his photo to ensure he is who he claims to be and isn’t trying to scam you. Click the camera icon in a Google search and submit a picture of the guy you met through a dating app. The image will appear in the search results if used online, such as on social media. Verify that the social profile matches who the individual claims to be!

Look for any adverse information (such as a criminal record) in the results of a name search for him (if you have his last name).

BUT refrain from going any further! You want to avoid learning information that will force you to lie and say you didn’t know it at a later time!

Can a Relationship Coach Also be Helpful To You?

Chatting with a relationship coach is beneficial if you want particular counsel for your circumstance.

It is something I can personally attest to.

I contacted Relationship Hero a few months ago when my relationship was going through a bad stretch. They gave me a new perspective on my relationship’s dynamics and how to put it back on track after I had been so mired in my thoughts.

Suppose you’ve never heard of Relationship Hero. In that case, it’s a website where highly qualified relationship coaches assist people in navigating complex and challenging romantic circumstances.

You can speak with a licensed relationship coach in just a few minutes to receive advice tailored to your needs.


How do you tell a guy you like him without making it awkward?

When speaking to him, make eye contact, and if you happen to cross paths with him in the hallway, keep the gaze for a few additional seconds. You may flirtatiously text him after school or gently taunt him to let him know you’re thinking about him.

Is he into me or just friendly?

It’s only courteous, after all, for a pleasant guy to establish eye contact with you while you’re talking. Still, if he stares at you intently from a distance, he’s intrigued. He’s intrigued if you ever notice him attempting to peer into an area of your body other than your eyes while conversing.

How do you know if a guy likes you or likes to be friends?

He probably likes you and likes to be more than just a casual acquaintance. If your male friend is consistently prepared to lend a hand or assist you with your work, even if it is monotonous. If he often looks for any justification to spend time with you, something is happening.

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