20 Positive Body Image Affirmations to Boost Your Self Love

Positive body image affirmation and self-love are important to preserving mental health and well-being. When we have a positive body image, we feel confident and comfortable in our skin, which allows us to focus on other aspects of our lives without being distracted by negative thoughts about our appearance.

Many people have trouble with negative self-talk and social pressures, leading to a lousy view of their bodies and low self-esteem. We are inundated with images of the “ideal” body, which can lead to unrealistic expectations and feelings of inadequacy.

Through affirmations, one can combat negative self-talk and cultivate a positive self-image. Affirmations are positive statements we can repeatedly say to ourselves to change our thoughts and feelings about ourselves.

This article will discuss 20 positive body image affirmations to help you feel better about yourself, love yourself more, and be healthier overall. Adding these affirmations to your daily routine can change how you feel about your body and think about things.

20 Positive Body Image Affirmations

Positive Body Image Affirmations
Positive Body Image Affirmations

Positive body image affirmations are an excellent way to stop talking badly about yourself and build a good self-image. These affirmations assist in shifting the focus from appearance to gratitude, self-acceptance, and self-care. 

They tell us that we should love and respect our bodies no matter their shape or size, and they ask us to be proud of our unique qualities and traits. By saying these affirmations to ourselves daily, we can replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk and develop a more positive view of our bodies and ourselves. 
Adapting these affirmations to our particular needs and preferences can also help us feel more connected and empowered on our path to self-love and body positivity.
1- I appreciate my body and everything it enables me to do.
With the aid of this affirmation, we can turn our attention from outward appearance to gratitude for our bodies’ capacities. To remind yourself of what your body is capable of, repeat this affirmation in the morning or while working out.

2- I accept and love myself for who I am.

This positive body image affirmation encourages self-acceptance while discouraging negative self-talk. Say this affirmation aloud when you catch yourself being critical of your appearance.

3- Regardless of the size or shape of my body, I deserve love and respect.

This affirmation is a gentle reminder that our value is independent of our appearance. Every time you catch yourself feeling inferior to others or comparing yourself to them, say this affirmation aloud.

4= My body is sturdy and adaptable.

This statement encourages us to recognize the fortitude and adaptability of our bodies. Say this affirmation aloud when working out or facing a challenge.


5= I decide to feed my body healthy, delicious foods.
This positive body image affirmation promotes a positive outlook on eating well. Say this affirmation aloud before meals to emphasize the significance of nourishing your body.6- I feel comfort and security in my skin.

This positive body image affirmation encourages body positivity and self-assurance when getting ready. This affirmation is spoken aloud during the day or before social events. Say this affirmation aloud.

7- My body affirmation reminds us to care for and respect our bodies.

When making choices that impact your physical health, such as whether to exercise or get enough sleep, remind yourself of this affirmation.

8- Inside and out, I am a stunning woman.

This positive body image affirmation strongly emphasizes inner beauty and worth. When you’re feeling down about your appearance, say this affirmation aloud.

9- I want you to love and care for my body.

This positive body image affirmation reinforces that our bodies deserve love and affection. When you feel self-conscious or insecure, repeat this affirmation to yourself.

10- I am more than just how I look.

This affirmation motivates us to pay attention to our inborn traits and qualities. Say this affirmation aloud when you feel criticized or self-conscious about your appearance.


11- My body is ideal in its current state.

This affirmation about having a good body image helps people accept themselves and fights the idea that there is a “perfect” body. When you find yourself criticizing yourself, say this affirmation aloud.

12- I trust my body to guide me to health and happiness.

This affirmation encourages us to be optimistic about our bodies and their natural processes. Say this affirmation every time you make a choice that affects your physical health, like taking a break or going to the doctor.

13- I deserve to take care of and love myself.

This positive body image affirmation emphasizes the significance of placing a high priority on one’s well-being. When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, say this affirmation aloud.

14- My body deserves some downtime and tranquility.

This affirmation gently reminds us to put relaxation first regarding our general health and well-being. When you’re feeling exhausted or overworked, say this affirmation aloud.

15- I appreciate the distinctive characteristics that make me who I am.


This statement honors our individuality and distinctive qualities. Say this affirmation aloud when feeling insecure or comparing yourself to others.
16- I exude self-assurance and optimism.
This affirmation promotes confidence and a positive outlook. When facing a difficult situation or self-doubt, say this affirmation to yourself.

17- I treat my body with kindness and respect because it is my home.

This positive body image affirmation supports the idea that our bodies are our homes and that treating them respectfully and kindly is crucial. Repeat this affirmation when making choices that will impact your physical health or when you feel insecure.

18- Regardless of my appearance, I deserve happiness and joy.

This positive body image affirmation reminds us that our joy and happiness do not depend on appearances. Say this affirmation aloud when feeling down or self-conscious about your appearance.

19- I am appreciative of my progress toward body positivity and self-love.

This affirmation expresses gratitude for the ongoing journey toward body positivity and self-love. Say this affirmation aloud whenever you want to reflect on or celebrate an achievement.

20- I decide to envelop myself in love and positivity.

This positive body image affirmation discusses the importance of being around supportive people and places. Say this affirmation aloud when choosing who or where to spend time.

You can use these positive body image affirmations in your daily life by saying them out loud, writing them in a journal, or sticking them somewhere noticeable, like a sticky note on your computer screen or a mirror. Additionally, you can alter or create your versions of these affirmations to suit your particular requirements and preferences.

You can change negative self-talk into positive self-affirmations and develop a more positive body image and self-image by incorporating these affirmations into your daily routine.


Tips for Using Positive Body Image Affirmations

Positive Body Image Affirmations
Positive Body Image Affirmations
Effective use of positive body image affirmation can transform negative self-talk and foster a positive self-image. Here are some suggestions for using affirmations effectively:

1- Repeat them Regularly

For affirmations to be effective, one must repeat them frequently. It reinforces their message and incorporates it into your thought processes.

2- Trust the Message

Your affirmations’ effectiveness depends on your sincere belief in their message. When you sincerely believe what you say, you are more likely to act accordingly.

3- Include Them in Your Daily Routine

Incorporating affirmations into a daily routine, such as saying them in the morning or before bed, can help establish them as a habit and an integral part of your self-care routine.

4- Combine Affirmations with Other Self-Care Practices

Add other self-care activities, like exercise or meditation, to your affirmations to improve your work. For instance, saying affirmations while practicing yoga can help you connect with your body and promote a positive body image.

By using positive body image affirmation as part of your self-care routine and following these tips, you can build a positive view of yourself and improve your health.



Positive body image and self-love are crucial parts of overall happiness. Developing a positive self-image can result in greater self-assurance, better mental health, and more satisfying life. Affirmations are a powerful tool for promoting a positive body image and self-love by refocusing our attention on gratitude, acceptance, and self-care. 

Using the 20 positive body image affirmations in this article as part of your daily routine, you can change negative self-talk into positive self-affirmations and build a more positive self-image. 
Remember to repeat them frequently, believe in their message, and combine them with other self-care practices to boost their efficacy. Embrace the journey towards self-love and body positivity, and recognize that you deserve love and respect as you are.


Do positive affirmations help body image?

Positive affirmations can help you feel better about your body by replacing negative self-talk with positive, empowering thoughts. Affirmations, when used regularly, can help cultivate a more positive self-image and increase self-love.

What are neutral affirmations about body image?

Affirmations about a neutral body image are statements that acknowledge and accept the body as it is without putting any value on how it looks. “I am thankful for my body and all it does for me” or “I am comfortable in my skin, regardless of how others perceive me” are neutral affirmations. These affirmations encourage body acceptance and self-love without focusing on specific physical characteristics.

What 3 things can a positive body image improve?

A positive body image can help with the following:

Self-esteem – Feeling better about one’s body can increase self-esteem and confidence.
Mental health – A positive body image is associated with lower rates of anxiety and depression.
Physical health – A positive body image can motivate people to care for their bodies by engaging in healthy habits like regular exercise and nutritious eating.

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